School Information

 School Hours:  8:40am-3:40pm
 half day dismissal time: 11:55am 

Entry Policy

All visitors must communicate through the intercom their name, reason for visitation, and student's name before being let into the building. Please be patient while awaiting staff communication. All visitors must immediately report to the office to sign in and receive a visitors pass. Please have identification available for review.


  • Cars may begin lining up at 8:10 on the South side/Huron River Drive side of the building however the building does not open for students until 8:20.  

  • At 8:20 students may begin unloading in our drop-off zones. Please do not unload prior to 8:20 AM.   If you have lag time between dropping off a middle school or high school student we do suggest waiting in their parking lots until 8:20 AM.  Parking lot side of Brown will now be used for our buses.  Parents must remain in the cars in the drop-off zones.


  • The buses typically arrive at Brown at 3:30 PM.  If you are attempting to pick your student up before that time you may come in and park on the Van Horn/North side.  

  • Please park in a parking spot and call 734.782.2716 a member of the staff will escort your student out to your car.


  • The South Side/Huron River Drive will be open as soon as recess ends; since this is the side of the building that the playground is located on.  

  • A chain will be up until recess is over.  A member of our staff will remove the chain as soon as recess/gym ends.

  • This means that 1st & 2nd Grade parents can start lining up at 3:15 as long as recess/gym is complete and the chain has been removed. Please understand that we do not even start dismissing 1st & 2nd grade students until 3:30 at the earliest. 

     Keep in mind the car line can not block traffic on Middlebelt Road so arriving earlier is not permitted. 

     Cars for students in grades 1st-2nd may begin lining up at 3:15 PM and no earlier.  

     If you are picking up a child in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, OR are a family with students in multiple grades that include a student in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, arrive to the car line no sooner than 3:35

  •  These students are not released from class until 3:40 and would be holding up dismissal for our 1st & 2nd grade students who require a little more help getting to cars.