About Brown Elementary School

  Our active and supportive school family consists of 400 plus students, 60 staff members, and hundreds of parents and community members. Banners that welcome all visitors read, "Brown Elementary School's Mission is to be Completely Committed to Kids!" We strive to promote student academic and behavioral success by employing a wide variety of effective teaching strategies and educational programs and through the use of a school-wide, incentive-based behavioral management policy known as Positive Behavior  Intervention Support (PBIS).  

    We use the Michigan Early Literacy Coaching Model to support teachers in 1st-5th grades.  The literacy coaching model is a research-supported approach that sets forth the essentials of high quality coaching for Michigan educators. The model is designed to build both teacher and coach capacity and sustainability around effective literacy instruction and is evidence of Michigan’s commitment to improve literacy in the state. Early Literacy Coaching Model - Michigan Department of Education.  We continue to prioritize the acquisition of foundational reading skills through well designed and explicit instruction.  We use the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy, Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy: Grades K to 3 to guide our decision making and practices.   
We are also bolstered by the many character building and community service projects we undertake, many of which are spearheaded and run totally by our students. Our highly qualified staff (the majority of our teachers hold Masters Degrees in their area of expertise) strive to meet the diverse needs of all of our students.

We are also proud of the positive partnership the Huron School Board and Central Administration has established with the students and families that we serve. Please explore this website for information and examples of how we incorporate our Brown and district Mission Statement of being, "Completely Committed to Kids!"

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