School Information

 School Hours:  8:40am-3:40pm
 half day dismissal time: 11:55am 

Entry Policy

All visitors must communicate through the intercom their name, reason for visitation, and student's name before being let into the building. Please be patient while awaiting staff communication. All visitors must immediately report to the office to sign in and receive a visitors pass. Please have identification available for review.


Students are not allowed into the building until 8:20am.

NOTE: Parents and other non-staff members should not be in the building during drop-off and/or dismissal periods.

Pick Ups for All Students

If you are picking your child up from school, please send a note to the school. If we DO NOT receive a note, we will have to send your child on the bus for safety reasons.

End of the Day Pick Up Procedure

The upper grades (3rd-5th grades) will be allowed to be picked up at the cafeteria doors, located under the large overhang. Cars are not allowed to park or stand in the roundabout in front of the doors. Like the lower grades (K-2nd grades), doors will be unlocked at 3:40pm.

Parents: Please meet your children in the foyer in front of the gym/cafeteria. For the safety of our students, Please do not go any further in the school. If you need to meet with a teacher or staff member, please make arrangements through the office.

NOTE: Kindergarten through 2nd grade pickup will continue to be in the library as usual. For the convenience of our parents during pickup, we are implementing this procedure. If this causes more of an inconvenience, we will then review the procedure again.

Dress Appropriately

As per the student handbook, when temperatures are below 60° F all students are expected to wear jackets. Appropriate shoes and boots for outdoor play are necessary for safety. Please make sure that students come to school dressed appropriately every day. Children go outside for recess any time that it isn’t raining, snowing or if the wind chill is below 10 degrees. Hoodies are not considered appropriate if the weather is cold.


As per student handbook, “any unnatural hair style (such as Mohawks, etc. ) and color (red, blue, etc) will be considered disruptive to the educational process and will not be permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Homework Requests

Please call the office by 9am to request homework. Homework requested will be available for pick up no earlier than 3pm in the office.


Please notify the school office before 9am if your child will be absent from school. If an absence has not been reported to the school, we will call to verify your child’s absence for the day.

Early Dismissals

Because it is very disruptive for students to leave classroom early, we ask that parents only pick students up early when it is absolutely necessary.

Handicapped Parking Spaces and Designated No Parking Areas

Please do not park in the handicapped parking spaces and/or NO PARKING areas such as in front of fire hydrants.